Symbolism In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” The short story “The Tell-Tale Heart is written by Edgar Allan Poe. The narrator of the story is anonymous. The narrator tries to convey to readers that he is sane, through his words actually convey his lack of sanity. The victim is an old man 's with a pale blue eye. The narrator wasn 't really want to murder the old man but due to his obsessive, paranoid, he split the old man 's personality into two separate personalities. The narrator separates the old man he loves with an old man with the vulture eye because that eye gives him fearful feeling. After the narrator murders the old man, the narrator hears his own heartbeat due to his anxiety, and his sense of guilt are…show more content…
The eye symbolizes the narrator 's insane personality that he refuses to accept.The narrators believe that the eye of the old man reveals something negative, that no one is able to see except him. According to the narrator,"One of his eyes resembled that of a vulture, a pale blue eye, with a film over it "(p.440). The narrator explains the eye as evil and resembles it to vulture eye. The narrator thinks the old man with evil eye is looking at him and gives him fearful feeling. Due, to obsessive paranoia, he unable to see that eye is the “eye” of an old man, an inherent part of old man identity. The lantern symbolizes the lack of insight, the lantern is the symbol that usually provides light, however, the narrator uses a lantern as a guide. Most of the time lantern is dark and he put the lantern first before he enters the room, because to make sure that the old man is awake or his eyes are still looking him. In The Tell-Tale Heart, the lantern also symbolizes the support of the narrator for his beliefs. The beating heart is another symbol in The Tell-Tale Heart that symbolizes the guilt. After the narrator murders the old man, the narrator hears his own heartbeat due to his anxiety, and he thinks it 's the old man heart that is still beating. His sense of guilt is released through the confession to the
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