Symbolism In The Storm By Kate Chopin

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In the short story “The Storm”, Kate Chopin expresses the right all women have to be sexually fulfilled, through symbolism Chopin uses an unfulfilled marriage and captivating affair to show that undeniable passion triumphs all understanding, as well as excusing the actions of Calixta to achieve that level of passion. The story takes place in late 1800’s in southern town, Bobniot and Bibi are at the store when a big storm hits the town. Calixta wife to Bobniot and mother to Bibi is at home waiting for them to return. As the storm rolls in so does an old lover of Calixta’s; Alcee who seeks refuge from the storm in Calixta’s home. As Bobniot and Bibi waited out the storm, Calixta and Alcee engage in a passionate sexual affair. The affair evokes unspeakable passion and sexual awakening for both Alcee and Calixta. After the storm dissipates, Alcee leaves to go back to his wife and the boys return home.…show more content…
Although Calixta’s was not faithful in her marriage, she finally experienced passion and intimacy so strong that it surpassed all earthly understanding. Bobinot was a good and loyal husband, but his child-like behavior and inability to be sexual intimate with his wife led her to fulfill her needs elsewhere. Calixta just exercised her right as a woman to experience enigmatic passion, which changed her whole outlook on her boring, dull life. Calixta was sexually awakening by Alcee, her motive was not to spite he husband but merely fill the sexual void her husband could not. After the affair ends she goes about her life a changed woman, she is more alive, a better person, all equated to her finally receiving what she deserved in first place, unfathomable sexual

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