Symbolism In The Setting Of The Storm

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The setting in this story creates the perfect scenario for an adulterous affair. Most likely occurring in the late 1900s according to the way the characters talk, and the description of the actions they do with their clothes after the storm passed. There is also the probability that the story takes place in a South region, during the summer season, because areas with wet seasons and more probabilities of storms are dispersed across portions of the tropics and sub tropic 's areas. The presence of the storm is not just coincidental. The storm is an important key behind the story and the affair. As the storm begins and ends, so the climax of sexual tension between two of the characters. We see clearly a man against nature conflict as the background. The story starts with Bobinot and his son at a store probably doing groceries, follow by a really bad storm approaching. They both want to go back home, but it is impossible, so the best solution is wait until the storm stops, so they can continue their journey. As foreground is the conflict man against himself, but in this case herself. I am referring to the feminine character that first, is fighting with the fear and uncertainly of not knowing where her husband and son are. On the other hand, this…show more content…
The way Chopin, the author, describes the stages of the storm, is at the same time how the sexual encounter occurs. It was a nice use of the nature’s elements. As we used to say in my country, after the storm comes the calm, and that were what really happen. After the two, adulterers satisfied their sexual desires, their lives remained the same, but still the author ends with a line that intrigues readers to think that what happened during the storm with the two lovers, could become a regular thing. I quote when Alcee asks his wife to stay longer in the city, why he would do that? The answer is crystal clear. He sees the opportunity to repeat the act

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