Symbolism In Swing Kids

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'The film Swing Kids provides many indications as to the reasons that the Youth in Germany both feared and revered the Nazis.'

The film Swing Kids, directed by Thomas Carter, is set in Germany just before the outbreak of World War II. The story focuses on a group of friends, Peter, Thomas, and Arvid, all who share a passion for the underground movement of swing music. Swing music was seen as symbol of rebellion among the youth of Germany at the time because it was heavily frowned upon by the Nazis. The Nazis believed that German people who listened to a type of music created by African Americans and widely played by Jewish people were traitors to their country. This was due to the Nazis adoption of the Aryan ideal of the ‘super race’ which meant you must have had at least three generations free of non Aryan heritage. Those who opposed the ideal and those who did not fit in with it were considered impure and detrimental to the rise of Germany. The Aryan ideal was tied into the extreme anti semitism shown to the Jewish people, who were used as scapegoats by the Nazis for Germany’s problems and their downfall after after World War I. The Nazis hold over Germany relied on people obeying them unquestioningly, whether through fear or reverence. Many people simply followed the Nazi policies to stay out of trouble and avoid persecution, whether the agreed with the policies they were following or not because the need for security was more important to people. The film Swing Kids indicates examples of how the youth in Germany both worshipped the Nazis and feared them. Those searching for power admired them and wanted to be part of the movement, and those who were possible targets of the Nazis lived in fear of them.

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...suicide, unable to deal with the fear of punishment from the Nazis.

I feel the unprecedented rise of the Nazi party was partially due to the circumstances in Germany after the collapse of the Weimar Republic. Many people in Germany were living in crippling poverty and the strain of the and the country was trying to find stability after World War. Moreover, many people were still angry about the way Germany was treated by the allies in the treaty of Versailles. Hitler and his Nazis seized the opportunity and presented a united and organised front that promised to make Germany a great and powerful nation once more. By blaming Jewish people and other sections of society as for all the country’s problems Hitler united the Germans by giving them someone to blame. This lead to the youth of Germany being caught in the middle of following the Nazi cause or opposing it.
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