Symbolism In Moby Dick

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In the eyes of many his book is seen as a worldwide classic and according to Clark Davis’ composition he brings forth two important elements into his writing, his vivid imagination and philosophical sense. Another way Herman Melville grabs the audience’s eyes is by the way he clashes fact, fiction, and adventure into one piece of work. According to Lois Gordon author of another essay thinks the book Moby- Dick captures the religious side, in which no man can act out the distribution of good and evil (Gordon, 1). These two authors had both divergent and resembling points of views that gave us a different understanding of the book that we wouldn’t have came up with ourselves. When it comes to religion, they contradistinctive in their perspective of Melville’s usage of symbolism in the story. According to Clark Davis Moby Dick is depicted by then recent discoveries of Egyptian archaeology with Melville’s usage of mythology within the book. The depiction of the whale ties into Egyptian architecture and the mysterious power it holds as a figure. In certain scene in the book it cites the whale skin having a mark this sign back to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Also throughout the book one of the main characters believes in the concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism such as the circulatory of life and death. An example, of that is the ocean which gives “a mind a place a miracle” but at times “swallows up ships and crews” (Davis, 3). Lois Gordon and Clark Davis both acknowledge on the outlook of religious views being shown throughout Moby Dick but talk about different classification of religion exhibited. Lois Gordon conveys that the characters act as traditional godhead in denying natural order. The philosophy of natural ... ... middle of paper ... Gordon both captured this book into a different path and defines this symbolic tale the struggles to find meaning in a complex and hostile world. They also tell about Ahab pursuit in finding the whale in the world’s seas to confront the malice creature which roams the ocean floor. Ahab was left with destroyed and leaved him with a half a body or half of soul. This two authors also compares what types of religious usage is being shown Hinduism, Buddhism, and even the most prominent religion today Roman Catholic. These two authors over analogized come up with different philosophies being shown in certain aspects of the story such as the mark on the whale skin and natural order in the thoughts of Ahab. These points of views give us the readers a different perceptive by not only telling about their views but help us decipher our own meaning to the book.

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