Symbolism In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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The story I decided to analyze is “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty. A Worn Path is about a courageous old woman looking to find medicine for her sick grandson. The old woman is referred to as Phoenix Jackson in the story and her loss of memory and poor eyesight makes it difficult for her along her journey. Welty tells “A Worn Path” in third person limited point of view and uses symbolism and imagery in describing obstacles Phoenix faces as well as the love for her grandson which may have also aided in her perseverance along her journey. In the first paragraph the author describes the old woman and the setting of her environment. The setting is described as a cold early morning in the month of December and the location is in the country,…show more content…
22). The imagery of the clock gives a visual image of Phoenix unsteady walk and partial reasons why she carries a cane. After reading the first two paragraphs of A Worn Path one might wonder why is an elderly woman in such conditions out in the cold. Not until further along in the story does the author go into depth of the character’s reasoning for traveling out in the cold. In spite of Phoenix’s condition and old age you see her determination in paragraph three. In paragraph three she demands any obstacles or troubles that may try to come along her path to move out of her way because she has a long ways to go. The story goes into description of the pathway the woman is following; along the way she may have had little hope or faith until, “Down in the hollow was the mourning dove-it was not to late for him.” (Weltz, 1941, p. 22). Doves have many significant symbols and in paragraph four the dove symbolized hope for Phoenix. This symbol may have encouraged the woman that she still has time. We also learn in this paragraph that the reason Phoenix is traveling this pathway is to help someone she cares

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