Symbolism In And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christies novel “And Then There Were None” includes a vast variety of symbols that can be interpreted to enhance the mystery novel experience. Christie has been regarded as one of the greatest mystery writers of our age, as she is able to deceive the readers mind into thinking something means something else. Symbolism as a whole can have a huge affect on the readers perception of the work of literature. A symbol can create a sense of unawareness or it can be used to trigger the reader into seeing the ultimate meaning of something. Throughout the novel, Christie uses symbolism to entice different feelings in the readers head in order to create a mysterious feeling to the reader. This is ultimately the foundation for a mystery novel. Suspense is the foundation for a mystery novel. Without it, the reader is unamused and the story falls flat. In “And Then There Were None”, the symbolism imbedded in the death of Justice Wargrave is important in order for Christie to create suspense. “Dr. Armstrong . . . raised the wig. It fell to the floor, revealing the high bald forehead with, in the very middle, a round stained mark from which something had trickled . . . Dr. Armstrong . . . said—and his voice was expressionless, dead, far away: “He’s been shot.” (Christie). The symbol enclosed in this “murder” is that Wargrave isn't actually dead. Instead, he fakes his own death in order to subdue the others into thinking he is daed so he can continue on with the murders in secracy. The symbolism of Dr. Armstrong helping in the false murder of Wargrave represents the corrupt society that we live in. It also represents how a simple bribe can turn someone into doing something you want them to. This thought is horrifying and after re... ... middle of paper ... ...hyme represents is very basic in nature but also very important. It is the characters “swan-song” if you will. The final imprint in which the island leaves on them. This is also a plot device as it sets the boundrys as to how the novel will progress. For Christie to be able to put in this symbol of horror is the ultimate tool in how she is able to build suspense. Not only in Christie’s novel but in a sat variety of mystery novels, it is symbols placed throughout the work of literature— hidden from the reader— that ultimately builds the most suspense. Agatha Christie’s symbols of Wargrave’s death, the weather on the island, and the Ten Little Indian rhyme are so carefully placed in order to create the maximum amount of suspense in her mystery novel. As proven, the affect of symbolism of various parts of the text have a massive impact on building suspense in novels.

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