Symbolism In A Rose For Emily

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While reading “A Rose For Emily” you may notice that there are many symbols in the story that have numerous connotations. I could go on with a list of them, but I decided to use just three. The word “rose” and last but not least the pocket watch. After reading the story and piecing things together, you can conclude that these symbols tie with each other and are significant to finding the context of the story. They tell the story before you even finish reading it. The colors and details of the symbols are very important and mean different things. When I read the title to the story, I automatically pictured an actual red rose in my head. Not thinking about how the word was used, I assumed the author was talking about a red flower. After reading this story, I noticed there was not a rose once mentioned. As stated in the last paragraph, a symbol can have numerous connotations just by the color, details or actual meanings of the word. The color red is known to be related with many things, but it reminds me of the words traditional, blood, danger, stop, like the stop signs and stop lights...

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