Symbolic References in "A Rose for Emily"

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Sometimes an object to represent symbolism can be hard to the reader to understand it. But symbols are seen all over the world. Some examples are road signals that symbolize different things like no U-Turn symbol, or a simple one like Pedestrian Warnings signs. If you live in the country side you might find the Deer Warning sing. Symbols are also used in the mathematics like in equations like this one, 2+2 there we are using the plus signs. Another example of symbolism in our everyday life is a ladder it could represent a connection between the heaven and the earth.
In the story, Miss Emily is a woman with beliefs from the past. She has never been love by a man because her father never approve of anyone .Her father thought no man was good enough for her. When her father dies she finds a man named Homer Barron. Homer is a construction supervisor from New York who’s been working in Jefferson town building sidewalks. Emily gets in love with him and creates a lot of speculation around town .People start gossiping that homer is homosexual and that he remarked “I’m not the marrying kind.” Miss Emily knows about goes to the drug store and buys ARSENIC a type of rat poison. After they get married she kill him by I assume she put the poison on his drink. She was the kind of women thought if a thing was not for her it’s not for anybody. After she kills him she hides the body and every night she sleeps with the dead body at her side. People of the town don’t know anything that’s going on inside because she does not get of it and doesn’t let anyone inside except her loyal servant Tobe. That reflects that she does not trust anybody even though the town person has always been vigorous to her. After she dies the people found out all the bad th...

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...tand in a more deeper and profound way what each object and character represents. It also makes the reader more interested in the story and makes him go on the web to understand everything that happens in the story.

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