Symbolic Archetypes In Perseus

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In Perseus the main task that happens is when Perseus a demigod, son of Zeus goes out to capture something special. Perseus sets out on an adventure to kill Medusa and capture her head to bring back as a gift. The hard part is that in one glance eye to eye at Medusa you will automatically turn into stone. Therefore, this was a hard feat to accomplish and it was one that he wanted to fulfill after he told they guy who was going to marry his mom he would bring them Medusa’s head. He laughed at him and that was a sign of determination for Perseus to accomplish his goal Symbolic Archetypes- Haven vs. Wilderness, Perseus felt safe around his mom until a guy asked her to marry her and wasn’t so sure about it. He was safe, but then when he had to…show more content…
This tree starts opening in half and Eurydice comes out of it and Orpheus falls in love at first sight. Then one day in the middle of the day Eurydice goes out into the forest by herself and she gets bitten by a poisonous snake and ends up dying. Therefore, Orpheus becomes sad and he sets out on the hard harsh journey to restore life in his heart that he had with Eurydice. He sets out to the underworld to find Eurydice the truth and the only thing to restore him to full happiness. Symbolic Archetype- Fire vs. Ice, in the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice there is life between everybody because of Orpheus lyre. Then one day when walking through the forest he came upon a beautiful lady and instantly fell in love with her. He was full of life when he was with her until she died and once she did he went sad. He even went on a journey to get her back from the underworld. He was going to get her back, but he was told not to turn around before they got out of the underworld, but he did and lost her and went into eternal sadness and the people who followed him and his music killed

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