Symbol of the Conch in Lord of the Flies

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From Lord of the Flies, there were many things like Conch and Fire that symbolized something. One of the most important symbols was the Conch. The Conch, which is a big shell that can be seen at the beach symbolizes many things in the Lord of the Flies. The Conch represents power because it once was able to control the boys with it, and it also symbolizes democracy because of anyone who has their ideas and can speak their thoughts. The Conch represents unity because it was used to call an assembly and was used to put the boys and keep the peace between the boys so nobody would fight with each other. So, the conch is an important symbol in the novel, because it represents power, democracy, and unity. The Conch was used to be a democratic power by Ralph. When Ralph become a chief of the boys, “ ‘Let him be chief with the trumpet thing’ ”(22). This quote proves that the Conch is very related to the power because only chief could hold it anytime and Chief has a power to control the boys. He was made to be chief by fair voting. Because the boys did a fair job to pick a chief without any pressure and they picked Ralph, who looked great for doing chief. He controlled the boys sometimes nicely and sometimes with power. "Ralph waved the conch. ‘Shut up! Wait! Listen!’ He went on in the silence, borne on in his triumph”(38). Because he used the Conch fairly, boys were fine to be ruled by Ralph, except Jack, who were a chief of the hunters, and because he was always the leader before, Jack disobeys Ralph and broke the rules. But before that, he was able to control the boys by the rule that nobody can interrupt when somebody has the Conch. Ralph had a leadership to control the boys. So the Conch and Ralph’s leadership had a great combination... ... middle of paper ... ...ting by some arguments, they had a conflicts, and they started to lost their control and became savage and murdered Simon and Piggy. This was a results of not following rules and don’t respect each other. My paragraphs proved that Conch is very affective symbol during the book. The Conch represents power because Ralph became the chief with the Conch and he controlled the boys and made the rules that is fair for every one so nobody would be hurt. Conch also symbolizes democracy because it was used to communicate others, and anyone who wants to speak and nobody can interrupt him. Conch shows the unity of the boys because Ralph made the boys work together with peace and making an assembly when needed. The Conch, which is just a shell that we can see at the beach, which became a very important object in the Lord of the Flies which symbolizes power, democracy, and unity.
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