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Introduction In this scholarly activity, I will create and then analyze a SWOT Analysis of Wal-Mart making recommendations for the management team for future growth. I will ensure that the marketing and management teams understand how to use the SWOT Analysis to solve current problems and prevent future issues. Also as a tool for helping, understand the external environment and internal environment of the company as a whole through understanding the individual needs of stores based on location. Wal-Mart the Beginning Our History, Wal-Mart (2016), noted how Sam Walton 's began his legacy in Rogers Arkansas in July 1962 with the single idea of offering the good products at low prices all the time allowing people to benefit from such a family oriented establishment. Towards the late 1960, Sam Walton had opened 24 stores and would move forward in 1969 as they became incorporated. In 1970 Wal-Mart would become publically traded with some of the first shares costing as little as $16.70. Decades later Wal-Mart has changed logos, branched out to open Sam 's Clubs, and embraced technology with the online division however, the heart of the original store can be felt in the vision and mission statement. Although Sam Walton passed away in 1992, his legacy continues to grow in size and locations. According to Our History, Wal-Mart (2016), "The Company employs 2.3 million associates worldwide and serves more than 200 million customers each week at more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries." Wal-Mart External Environment Understanding your external environment is how a company can analysis and understand outside factors that can affect a company such as PESTEL, which is an acronym for political, environmental, sociocultural, technologi... ... middle of paper ... ...he potential for repeat customers. This offers customers the ability to see that Wal-Mart understand that price is an issue and want to go the extra mile to ensure that customers realize just how much they mean to the company, this would also include year round layaway. This allows Wal-Mart to capitalize on being that hometown company that understands that even though prices are affordable doesn 't mean that everyone has that today. Therefore, they are offering ways to offset the price with loyalty programs and layaway, which affords the customer with the opportunity to pay a small amount weekly until they can afford the products they want or need. I feel implementing these ideas as well as others that may arise in a meeting would help propel Wal-Mart into the future and help secure them customer loyalty and satisfaction regardless of the changes in the economy.

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