Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis For New Oriental

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Prior to commencing any marketing, I allocated a portion of my time to understanding the business and how it operated and consulted with staff and customers for their input. In addition, I carried out market research of New Oriental’s competitors to assess what they were offering to their customers in comparison to New Oriental. I carried this out through various means including examining their menu provision and special offers, researching their social media marketing and whether they had a website, and I also visited their premises to assess their shop design and customer service. Based on what I had learned I compiled a SWOT analysis for New Oriental, which briefly outlined the potential strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. SWOT analysis is a useful tool, which helps businesses focus on their strengths, identify and minimise threats and take advantage of any potential opportunities. Once the SWOT analysis was compiled, I discussed this with Mr Chen and together we drew up a marketing strategy, which I would attempt to fulfil during the remainder of my placement. As the business had no current marketing strategy and relied on word of mouth and some occasional menu distribution…show more content…
During my placement the client decided to have a trial run of the munchie boxes, in both plain and salt and pepper versions. I promoted this through social media, during my direct marketing, and I designed posters to be placed in the shop window and waiting area. The munchie box was launched on a Wednesday evening, and sold more than 100 in the first week. Following this success, and customer feedback, the client added a full range of salt and pepper dishes to his menu, and I am informed, all continue to sell very well. Menu

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