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SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths • Natural Ingredients – Zoomster consists of natural ingredients like Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) which is an anti-oxidant property, Glucose for instant energy, Tulsi and ginger. It has very less amount of sugar and for sweetness majorly it has Honey which is not only other natural ingredient it has many benefits. These all ingredients make Zoomster a complete natural energy drink and offer a lot to consumer compared to any other energy drink in the market. • Focus on health - Zoomster is a product which focuses on consumer’s health. Its natural ingredients make it very unique and better in taste but at the same time healthy. It is beneficial not only for youths but for those also who are aged 35 and above. Most of the drinks in this segment consists caffeine which is not good for health if someone consume it for a long time and now it is medically proven that overdose of caffeine causes serious health issues. • Variety of flavours – Zoomster offers a variety of flavours for consumers like fruit punch which is a low calorie energy drink which consists of 60% water and rest 30% of natural fruits and other ingredients which helps to refuel, rehydrate and replenish. Zoomster regular consists of ingredients like Ashwagandha, Glucose, Tulsi, Ginger, Honey, Taurine, Vitamin B & C etc. Lemon another flavour which consist of sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B & C with a taste of lemon which a thirst quencher. • Low price – Zoomster has a low retail price than its competitor. In India many popular brands like Red bull cost around 150 - 175 Indian Rupee which is very expensive in Indian prospective. Zoomster has a price tag of 50 – 60 Indian which very less. Low price is a key strength of for Zoomste... ... middle of paper ... ... into picture. They will help us market and promote the product so well that we are sure of getting good responses even before the product reach the houses. They will use the best strategies to advertise the product so that people are completely aware about the product and are ready to use. They will ensure us of the best platform to launch and everything is in the budget that we as a company had chalked out. Our human resource department is handling the transportation and warehousing very well. They have the best 3rd party transportation company for their transportation by trucks. The warehouses are well built near the railway stations and have the most skilful of fork lifters and crane operators. We have the best labour that are capable of handling every good or bad situation very well, resulting in an accident free loading of our first ever launched energy drink.

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