Swot Analysis Of Vitamin Water

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Objective ‘’Glaceau’s Vitamin water currently holds a 17 percent market share in the energy drink market. Through our advertising campaign we will raise this by 8% to attain a 25% market share. We are currently the number 2 brand energy drink in the United States, with number 1 being Propel. Our goal is to pass Propel and become the number 1 brand energy drink in the United States. We will advertise to a previously unreached market of active consumers by focusing our new campaign during the 2012 Summer Olympics. We will create a buzz market by focusing advertisements around big-name Olympic athletes and their use of Glaceau’s Vitamin water throughout their training and competing’’ (Vitamin water - Marketing Strategy Plan, 2008). Where do we want to be? Glaceau’s Vitamin water is already portrayed as a brand that provides healthy products. This has the advantage of reducing advertising costs when launching the ‘vitamin health bar’ which is a means of improving the brands market share. With the increase in the numbers of people aiming to live healthier lifestyles the idea of a health bar which has the necessary nutrients will be more than appealing to the buyers. Profits will be maximised if potential consumers who are most likely to keep on purchasing are filtered from once off consumers. Catering to the specific needs and wants of the desired customer will aid in establishing a loyal customer base. Buyers who are more health conscious will tend to be more informed about the health benefits of the health bar whereas those who buy basing their decision on the price might be less concerned about the nutrients in it and their respective ratios. Realising the factors that influence buyer’s decisions helps a marketing strategy to... ... middle of paper ... ...forts in the same manner (Kotler P, 2010:257). (Garin, n.d.) In the more mature stages of the products life cycle a wider range of nutrient bars will then be introduced. At this stage social platforms such as Facebook and twitter can be used to actively communicate with consumers so that the ranges introduced will suit the specific needs of the customers. The social platforms can also be used to further segment and target the customers whose needs and expectations are already known. The existence of competitors such as the jungle oat bars cannot be ignored especially when deciding on our products positioning. The vitamin health bar will mostly be made up of of naturally existing nutrients with minimum artificials added. This is for differentiative and positioning purposes. There is a gap in the market for energy bars that offer minimal artificial ingredients.

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