Swot Analysis Of Under Armour

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When you think of sports and performance apparel, your mind will automatically think of Nike. Nike today is still dominating the sport apparel market, being the number one company for sport apparel and footwear in North America and it is has become a well know brand globally. Any product that Nike has branded with its signature swoosh, is bound to sell and any athlete endorsed by Nike has their career sealed. However the market shifted when Under Armour became a publically traded company in 2005 and ever since then, this young underdog brand started to gain recognition and started to do very well in the market. It then out performed Adidas, who was the number 2 company in this market, both in Apparel and footwear. Under Armour, known for its sweat solution, moisture-wick shirts, has seen amazing success and growth over the past years. It has reported a 30% year to year growth and is…show more content…
The ability to offer a few more options will help keep customers excited for new arrivals. It will also helps if they continually release great quality products in those in those expanded lines, it will build more brand loyalty in consumers knowing they can trust the products to be made well and have few deficiency. Additionally this will help Under Armour to maintain relevance and memorable in marketing. From the very beginning Under Armour was very smart in establishing their brand and marketing, they answered Nike’s tagline of “Just Do it” with their statement of “I will.” It is a statement that has a broader relevance but goes beyond team challenges to personal ones. Instead of having big well known athletes that involve big budget production, they strategically feature athletes that were good players but that are often overlooked by other companies. They have elevated the brand to be authentic and personal. Up until today Under Armour continues to stay true to that brand

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