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Stiff Competition
Moreover, Uber faces stiff competition from the local taxi companies, Kuaidi and Didi Taxi. Uber’s chief rival, Kuaidi, has little influence out of China. However, it boasts of six million taxi rides in China on a daily basis and has the backing of Alibaba, a giant in Chinese e-commerce. The other rival, Didi Taxi, enjoys support from Tecent holdings and is one of the leaders of ride-hailing applications. Kuaidi launched a limo service in almost twenty major cities, which competes with Uber’s luxury black cars. Kuaidi uses a different operational model from Uber. Its application has a hundred million users and is used to hail taxis in three hundred congested cities in China. Currently, it does not benefit the company financially
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App companies such as Uber have become popular in China; this reduces the number of clients for traditional cab drivers. There are instances where taxi drivers attacked app ones. In Jiangxi province, taxi drivers overturned a vehicle belonging to an Uber driver next to a government building (Tybout 2017, p. 3). In 2016, a tourist using Uber was badly injured by at least fifty taxi drivers who were throwing rocks at the car’s windows. The attackers were waiting at a corner for the Iranian couple to enter the Uber. As soon as they wanted to enter the car, the taxi drivers attacked…show more content…
205). During its entrance into the Chinese market, Uber should have formed avenues for customer engagement. Organizing social events with local people as partners would increase the popularity of the application. Chinese people are more open to their fellow citizens compared to outsiders. Therefore, partnering with Chinese firms would create more trust from the potential customers. The use of local celebrities such as actors and musicians are a good marketing strategy since most people want to be regarded as “cool”, especially the young generation. In a case of unopened e-mails, it is advised to resend the same e-mail with a different subject matter. Constant updating of the app is a proper way of maintaining interest to the

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