Swot Analysis Of Tourism In Malaysia

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Political factor: Political stability is a very important issue when it comes to tourism. Malaysia is a federal state with constitutional elective monarchy. Najib Razak is the current prime minister of Malaysia. Malaysia is ruled by the United Malays National Organization which represents the Muslim majority. In this country the Indians, Chinese communities live in harmony with the Muslim Malay majority. Malaysia is politically stable. Malaysia has been able to contain terrorism due to its strong stance against any individuals or groups involved. Airport security has increased and a few more policemen posted on certain embassies. Malaysia also has one of the lowest (2.69) indexes in the world in terms of terrorism index. Although Malaysia is internally politically stable, its neighboring countries (such as Myanmar and Thailand) are politically unstable which could have an impact on Malaysia. So, MDO Inc. could invest in the tourism sector of Malaysia as political stability plays a major role in attracting tourists and the country is politically stable. Economical Factor: Malaysia has one of the highest standards of living in Southeast Asia and a very low unemployment rate (3%). A large income of Malaysia comes from exporting palm…show more content…
Malaysia is one of the fastest growing tourism based economies in the world. Last year, tourism based economy grew 10% to 15%. Tourism based investment is booming due to investment of China, Japan, US. Besides, Malaysia’s economy is 35th largest economy in the world and 4th largest in South Asia. According to A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm, Malaysia was ranked 15th in 2016 of foreign direct investment. According to World Bank GDP growth rate is 5.7% since 2010 and current inflation rate is 2.1%. Regarding to the data Malaysia is economically stable

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