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Item Elements
Brand components can play a variety of name building positions. Group components are those signature able devices that recognize and distinguish business. Most

strong manufacturers employ several brand components. Promoters choose brand components to build as much brand value as possible. Item components such as: unforgettable, significant, pleasant, convenient and secure able. We explain those components in brief as follows:

Memorable: every clients thoughts grabs business. Their marketing programs set business in clients thoughts. Their brief brand such as: Dove, lakes, Sunsilk etc. are quickly unforgettable.

Every customer has a obvious significance about Sunsilk. Consumer believes about Sunsilk as an item which fix their problem pertaining with locks.

From our research we discovered that most of the individuals like business vocally and creatively.

The brand is lawfully and reasonably protectable. The organization maintain their trade indicate privileges and not general.

Another reality which we saw in Sunsilk. Different pack size and new treatments are quickly approved by the clients.
Target industry of Sunsilk:
The main focus on audience of Sunsilk is women between the age categories group 16-40 from the reduced and center earnings sessions. But in their marketing activities, they cover the whole industry regardless of these sessions. Sunsilk focus on its industry on the basis of customer buying actions, earnings level, and buying energy of individuals. For which volume of the item can be modified according to the earnings and buying energy of the clients as in case of Sunsilk 120ml and 5ml features are also available to focus on low earnings categories.


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...pple (design), Volvo (safety), Energizer is the biggest long lasting battery power.

We discovered that PODs for Sunsilk is Co-creation system designed by expert’s. They came with this idea to get the industry and to be excellent in the marketplace. From 2009 Sunsilk started working with a variety of professional locks "experts" to create new and enhanced items. Each locks “issue" version hyperlinks to an "expert “with the appropriate professional locks knowledge. For example, Dr. Francesca Fusco, a New You are able to skin professional, co-created a “hair fall” version for business. The collection also includes: Jamal Hammadi for Dark Glow, Rita Hazan for Brilliant Color, Stuffed bear Charles for Plumped Up Quantity, Johnson Taw for Damage Renovation Ouida for Described Waves and Yuko Yamashita (known for Japanese people locks straightening) for Perfect Straight.

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