Swot Analysis Of Sports Industry

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The industry environment analysis of a product depends on
1. General Environment
2. Industry Environment
3. Competitor Environment

The general environment is typically done on the PESTLE principles. The PESTLE stands for Political, Social, Economic, Technological, Legal and Environmental analysis.
A political system influences the decision making to operate in a particular market or country. The laws of the land go a long way in determining the strategy of the organisation.
For the Sports Industry, there doesn't exist any bottlenecks as far as Political System of a country are concerned. There might be certain regulations that may impact the
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The population is growing globally and in India it’s growing at a much higher pace. The sports in fact help in improving the overall health of the person involved in sports. Feelings associated with winning or losing define the character of the person. The sports instils the feeling of team spirit and teaches you how to be effective in teams and how to deal with other persons.
Apart from health and other benefits, sports infrastructure plays a key role in development of sports. If the more stress is given on Infrastructure it may environmental impact. Thus, the balanced infrastructure should be maintained to play and teach sports.
The sports equipment is made from products like wood, leather etc. or from plastics. This leads to deforestation and impacts the Mother Nature.
Thus, we can say for Sports Industry and BCCI the environmental factor are neither highly favourable nor unfavourable.
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Sports have deep passion and emotions involved with it. Sports fans are equally passionate as the athletes. Such high passion and adrenaline provides a serious opportunity for the firms to do business. Firms can't control the sports as there are global governing bodies of each sport which have control over the sport globally and national governing bodies to look after sports in a particular nation with support from Government. However, what firms do is they buy exclusive sponsorship rights of the sports. The firms sponsor the tournaments, teams and individual players, buy their media and merchandising rights in return of advertisement during the tournaments. The firms use sports as a marketing tool for their products. For example Gillette took on board several famous tennis, cricket and other games players to market its men grooming products. Some specific firms involved with sports have a direct relation with sports industry. These companies exist as they make products relevant to sports industry only. For example Nike provides sports footwear, merchandises and accessories for several sports under its umbrella. The Government or the governing bodies of sports have an implied responsibility to provide better facilities and infrastructure to its players and athletes so that they are able to achieve maximum levels of performance. Sporting extravaganzas like World Cups, Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other sporting events promote

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