Swot Analysis Of Red Bull

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Quality Management: Even with red bull's large target market we are not able to say that the company could not preserve the superior quality of its merchandise. Even with some disadvantages that the scientific research unveiled against Red Bull. The R&D sector of red bull show the advantages and benefits of the large consumption of red bull. We have already mentioned in our analysis the advantages of the use of red bull. In our exploration we have revealed that in America red bull company owns a massive research laboratory that consists of a group of specialized doctors who aim for more positive advantages in the content of this drink. Red bull's doors are open to any company that aims define their argument. This proves the company's credibility of the strategy implemented by the company that strives to establish a challenge among its competitors and itself. “Red Bull vitalizes body and mind” and its slogan is known by all: “Red Bull gives you wiiings.” The company is well-known for its strange techniques of marketing. Since 1992, Red Bull has designed low cost cartoons with simple but identifiable drawings, revealing simple stories which are quickly adaptable in different local markets. Red Bull products have been greatly criticized for its main elements like taurine. But this discussion has only offered to increase brand awareness even more and has strengthened the popularity of the brand. Red Bull wants to be seen has a high end product and the organization is therefore particularly rigid concerning its image and pricing policy. Concerning price, Red Bull is certainly more costly than its competitors, but the organization has still 70% share in the current market. For example, the “ON” sector as red bull calls it, which is a... ... middle of paper ... ...D drawing are utilized by the CAM bit of the system to control a machine that makes the careful shape that was drawn. CAD / CAM software is regularly utilized for product development, machine-tooling, and manufacturing. This software’s for example computer aided design CAD and computer aided manufacture CAM help designers to form a complete idea about the product before starting their production. In this way they would be able to do any changes before it’s too late. CAD is software in which you can see the product on the computer with 3D, so you can look at it from all areas and levels so be sure of every single detail. These really help a lot because it saves a lot of time and costs. Everything will be perfectly clear in front of you and so easy to change in case it needs so. The picture below shows an example about CAD/CAM software job related to Wood Industry:

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