Swot Analysis Of Nike

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Nike Nike is a common name used in most households in the world. Many sports figures and teams endorse Nike, and because they do, people have to have Nike products. Nike uses this major publicity to continue to push them to the top of their market, and uses many tools to achieve this goal. Nike uses their long history, financial statements, and financial analysis to continue to push them to top and make them a better company.
Nike History
The Beginning
William Jay Bowerman (Bill Bowerman) and Philip Hampson Knight (Phil Knight) started the Nike Company January 25, 1964. At the time, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. They did not change the name of the company to Nike until May 30, 1971. Knight, the chairman of the Nike Company,
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There will always be companies that want to move in on the market, and do what they can to take your business. Nike is no exception to this as well. Adidas, Asics, Li Ning, Lululemon Athletica, Puma, Under Armor, and V.F. Corporation are just a few of the competitors that Nike deals with on a regular basis. Under Armor is their biggest competitor (Nike, 2017).
Unique to Nike
The company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The Nike “Swoosh” logo made its debut in the spring of 1972, when it was featured on the side of an athletic shoe. In 1995, it became a registered trademark and has since become the fashionable identity of the Nike Company. The Nike logo has customarily used the red and white color scheme. The red color exemplifies passion, energy and joy, while the white color stands for the nobility, charm and purity of the Nike brand (Nike Logo, 2017).
Target Market
The Nike Company does not make it a secret who they are trying to target with their product. They are trying to reach all ages. They offer products able to be used by all ages at any time of the day. They have products for kids, teenagers, and adults as well. This past weekend, while sitting in a restaurant, I saw an older man wearing a pair of Air Jordans. Nike has done a great job of offering products for all ages. This is why they are on the top of their target market, because there is something for
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