Swot Analysis Of Maruti Suzuki

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INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: The firm expands its business globally in various regions to develop their business wherein the exposure depends on the size of the firm, country and industry affiliation. The industries are significantly exposed to exchange rate movements and trade by the share of imports and exports. Exports help in increase in the annual revenue by shipping the products from one country to other and when importing the products from other countries the country has to pay the import duty which includes the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) and taxes. MARUTI SUZUKI: Maruti Suzuki exports cars to over 125 countries like Africa, china, Asia, Latin America etc because of its product quality and manufacture capability. It has been awarded has the worlds International Business for Exports in 2012 for the excellence, quality, technology and reliability. EXPORTS: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd the largest car maker, is selling high in Africa over 4600 units of cars were been shipped to Algeria alone and the average monthly rise was 62% till august 2012 because of increase in the demand of Maruti 800 which is no popular in India .But Maruti New re-designed 800 is expected to be launched in the Indian market by October 2014 with 796cc petrol engine and new exterior body . It also started shipping Maruti Dzire to Africa and it also exports small cars like Alto, Alto K10 and A-Star and it has a large market in Angola, Nigeria, Egypt, Mozambique. Maruti Suzuki turned its attention towards emerging the markets in Asia and Latin America when the European government discontinued their cars scrap page scheme in 2009. Thus the European share in the company’s exports went down to 18% from the record of 77% in 2010. The Maruti Ciaz will also be ... ... middle of paper ... ...cause Honda has already exported a total of 10248 units of cars including Jazz, Honda City, Accord to SAARC countries and now it targeting Brio to push its export sales. And Honda is planning to increase the car price because of higher input and operating cost. IMPORT: HCIL imports from Japan, UK, and Mexico majorly. Honda imports cars like Honda S2000, Acura TSX & RL, Honda Fit from Japan. The vehicles like Honda CR-V and Civic SI hatch back are been imported from UK. The Honda CR-V that is been imported in America are manufactured in Mexico . Honda CR-V that is imported to India with the import duty and taxes are basically manufactured in Japan. These models are strongly associated for their design reliability and fuel –efficiency. The imports rises to during 281,652 units in 2012.Honda lifted the car sales in order to cut down the duties of the passenger cars .

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