Swot Analysis Of Jet Airways

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Overview of Jet Airways
Jet Airways is an airline based in Mumbai, India, being third largest airline in India It operates over 400 daily flights to 64 destinations worldwide. Jet Airways also operates two low-cost airlines, namely Jet Lite (formerly Air Sahara) and Jet Airways Connect.
Jet Airways is the India’s market leader in airline industries, however has faced increasing competition over the last decade resulting attrition in their market share. Jet airways focus on their fundamental service delivery to restore their competitive advantage within the industry. This will require putting into practice a combination of two strategies; a people processes strategy and a strategy focused on technological advancement.
We will be analysing Jet Airways business internationally looking its external environment analysis, market strategies in Australia. Qantas has a two brand strategy, Qantas is the premium airline targeting the time-conscious business market while Jetstar is low fares airline which targets most cost conscious holiday market.
As organisation's internal factors can be managed and dealt with effectively however external factors are not under control.This involves making strategic changes that bring the organisation's internal structure and operation into line with the changed external environment. The events of September 11th 2001, for example, had huge repercussion for major airlines, many of which saw their business fall away. Airlines are also affected by the actions of regulatory bodies such as aviation authorities, the Air Transport Users Council (which promotes the wider interests of passengers), national governments and consumer bodies. Major airlines also carry huge fixed costs that make it very difficult for the...

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BGC Matrix for Jet Airways
Jet Airways indicates a negative growth in the BCG Matrix. Amongst its competition, Jet Airways owns a lesser market share. It is therefore recommended that Jet follows the strategy proposed for each category.

Star Strategy: Making clever investments for future growth in International market
Question Mark Strategy: Invest heavily to increase market share
Dog Strategy: Ensure cash flow
Cow Cash Strategy: investing profit on other areas that would support own security provide secured growth.

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