Swot Analysis Of Coffee Bean Coffee

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D. Market Strategy
D1. 4Ps:
While the main retail products of the Coffee Bean Café are regular coffee, specialty blends, specialty drinks, such as lattes and mocha’s, several types of hot and iced teas, or smoothies and energy drinks. An essential part of its product that will appeal to the present and future customers of The Coffee Bean Café is the atmosphere. The décor and surroundings are very hospitable and tranquil. Wi-Fi will be available to our customers, as well as, appropriate sized tables that allow for socialization and/or to accomplish work. A soft mix of music, determined by the customers’ requests, enhances the atmosphere, as a result, way we try to appeal to everyone’s taste in music and diminish lost customers
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The Coffee Bean Café desires to provide the needs of its customers by giving them a place to relax, get work done, socialize, and enjoy a cup of quality brewed coffee or alternative beverages offered.
With the availability of coffee in many other places, many of which offer a drive through window, we felt that we should additionally provide this service to satisfy the coffee to go needs of our customers and enhance our competitiveness with other retail outlets. We strive to elevate the level of service, amenities, and the quality of coffee to differentiate our products and business from the competitors by providing a place they look forward to coming to.
The marketing of the internet aspect of the Coffee Bean Café will include the fastest, most reliable wireless internet service, with two wireless printers available to print pages for a small fee, comparable to the cost of printing provided by other establishments. The plan is to provide four desktop computers located at the workstations in the quiet room to provide for the needs of our customers that do not have a laptop available to them at the time the need arises. This provides our customers the capacity to complete business transactions while in the Café.
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