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Burger King’s marketing mix aims to maximize competitiveness against a wide variety of players, specifically, major competitors like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. These efforts support the company’s long term goal of achieving the top position in the fast food restaurant industry.

a) Product

Figure A. Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Burger & Fries?

Burger King, as a quick service restaurant, it is classified as offering food, a non-durable good. Since its beginnings, and as its name says, Burger King’s main product has always been the hamburger, with which has stand out over its main competitors McDonald’s and Wendy’s (see Figure A). With increasing customer demand, and increasing competition, the quick service restaurant introduced chicken …show more content…

The quick-service restaurant has characterized itself for having prices that attract the lowest household incomes baby boomers, with some schooling degree. Burger King uses market-oriented pricing strategy as its primary approach to pricing. This pricing strategy involves setting prices based on current market conditions, including supply and demand circumstances as well as the pricing of competing firms. BK product value is very low, therefore, in order to increase such value, managers give low prices in order to increase such value among customers. Burger King’s secondary pricing approach is the bundle pricing strategy. For example, customers can buy value meals and kids meals at bundle prices that are more affordable than buying food items separately. As part of the same strategy, currently BK offers the 2 for $6 Whopper and the 2 for $4 Croissan’wich. Potential buyers go to BK with the intention of receiving more food with less spending. BK uses pricing strategies in order to increase the number of in-restaurant customers. This component of the marketing mix shows that Burger King mainly considers market conditions to determine its …show more content…

Hence, their service is not limited to the restaurants, although it relies almost entirely on the physical presence of its restaurants. Customers can now order ahead through the company’s website, or have it delivered to their homes. Hence, while at the outlet, customers receive limited service, they are assisted by the cashier, a physical person, in the ordering process, but the customer is responsible of picking up its order and putting the tray away once

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