Swot Analysis Of British Petroleum

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Introduction: British Petroleum is a big name in the Oil industries. It is counted as one among the seven super major oil and gas producing organizations. Main focus of the business is to extract oil, generating energy, making lubricants and petrochemicals for individual customers as well as the other related companies. British Petroleum is a multinational company operating its business in more than 70 countries. (bp.com) Oil Spill at Gulf of Mexico: Deepwater Horizon witnessed the dangerous British petroleum oil spill explosion. It was April 20, 2010 on the calendar when approximate five million barrels of oil was discharged in Gulf of Mexico plus records showed 11 people dead due to such oil spillage. This spill over was regarded as the…show more content…
• Follow the guidelines provided by federal government to compensate the people affected by the oil spill.
• Taking care of their health protection and other rights against company.
• Cover the cost occurred to Gulf Tourism and related business to sea near the accident.
• Built strategies to reduce the effect of oil spills on the environment (bp.com)

S.W.O.T. Analysis: British Petroleum has following S.W.O.T.:
1. Brand Loyalty (Strength)
2. Regain reputation even after many oil spill incidents (Strength)
3. Too many Oil spills (Weakness)
4. Increased unemployment due to closing of their many oil producing wells especially in those countries which are only based on oil to earn their living. (Weakness)
5. New effective strategies and advance breakthrough in technology via research and development department can make them “market-king” (opportunities)
6. New locations to operate at can be beneficial for British Petroleum. (opportunities)
7. Stiff competition (Threats)
8. More face-offs with judicial authorities due to poor organization of British petroleum environmental policies (Threats) (Business Teacher)

PESTEL Analysis: British petroleum has following traits for
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