Swot Analysis Of Brand Audit

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Organization Behavior Luxury Specialization Brand Audit Report __ Final Assignment Lecture: Mr. Bruno Dard Class: 5D Student: Wendy Lai (724600) Louise Wu() Pauline Payet () Simona Kovacheva () Table of Content 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3  Value Proposition vs competition 2. INTRODUCTION 3 3. SITUATIONAL / ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 3  Customers Typology  External & Internal environment  SWOT Analysis  PESTLE influencing Organization 4. CREATORS / CRAFTSMEN / AMBASSADORS 7  Their strengths & weaknesses 5. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 9 6. FUTURES AND TRENDS 9 7. SUMMARY 10  Conclusion 1. Executive Summary  Value Proposition vs competition 2. Introduction Switzerland has a very high reputation on chocolate production in the world; also Swiss be called as the heaven of chocolate. When every one think about Switzerland will not only think about the Swiss watch but also chocolate. The kids in Switzerland grow up with chocolate, which is their typical snack. The…show more content…
Situational / Environmental Analysis  Customers Typology Auer has two different target markets, one is the local people in Geneva, and the other is the tourist who visits Geneva. Local people are their main target market, also they do have the online website to attract the worldwide tourist who come to Geneva.  External & Internal environment Internal environment: Auer is a small and simple organization. The leader could easily manage their staffs. Auer build a very good organization culture and a fine work atmosphere where could inspire the employee’s creativity of work. The CEO of Auer not always change due to it’s a family business so it change by generation to generation. Auer has a stable internal environment. External Environment: As Auer is a small and private business, the competitor is significant factor on how do Auer target their customers need and how do the design your business to obtain more market share.  SWOT Analysis Strength: • Good brand value with long
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