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3. Body Apple Inc. is known for being one of the most powerful companies that are active presently. Their products are influential, iconic, and instantly recognizable by anyone from this generation. With the simple interface and cutting-edge technology featured in every one of their goods, Apple has made a deep impression on the world. But they have been consistent in their dominance, their strength has not weakened whereas most other companies would have fallen out of the public’s favor. This is mostly due to the fact that their products have been crucial to the market and shaped the lifestyles of millions. The company has pioneered the technology industry in a variety of ways. The first product they developed, the Macintosh, has proven testament as it became the design which will be emulated by other companies in the future. But the major breakthrough came…show more content…
This is because they have stated multiple times that their main business objective is not to make profit but instead the continuous development of their products. They believe that by constantly improving their goods and services the consumers will automatically become interested in them, without the need of further advertisements through television ads, although that is the ethos of Apple Inc. after they broke through the market as their famous ‘1984’ commercial that was aired in 1984. Steve Jobs, the mastermind of Apple and the one who brought the company to where it is today, famously said that ‘People don’t know what they want until it is given to them.’ With that in mind, Apple has also made customer satisfaction another important objective. But they did it in an unconventional way – instead of giving them what they want, they instead set the trends. This is incredibly risky, especially for a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy, as it goes against the desires of a very important stakeholder

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