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Strength The most importance strength of AirAsia airline is their low fares and dense route network in the current economic. Logically further revenue growth in the Asian population has a higher rate of economic growth at the same time. This allows more people to have the ability to fly, mainly in the part of the railway and road infrastructure is very weak Asian region. AirAsia set up in the context of the following conditions: a large population, population density, base, mobility and Internet applications increasingly widespread popularity. But above all, AirAsia aimed at a different market group, those who want to travel by air but people cannot afford. AirAsia are targeting the low-cost affordable to the masses. AirAsia airlines continue to strengthen its position as Asia 's leading low-cost airlines and now the company see their own brands in the same operating manner as Ikea and Aldi supermarket and McDonald, which are low-cost and high-quality, different airline concept from…show more content…
The most obvious strength of AirAsia is particularly low cost, high subsidiary income, according to 2008--2009 financial report, non-fuel expenses of the company had dropped by 3%, suggesting that the company continue to implement cost control (AirAsia, 2014). In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the company plans to non-fuel unit costs dropped 5% again (AirAsia, 2014). Meanwhile affiliated revenues increased twenty three percent to $ 598 million, which helped the company achieve annual revenue growth target (AirAsia, 2014). In subsidiary income, the company still have much room for growth, with fares continue to decline, the company has decided to continue to expand the sources of income of the subsidiary. Company CEO Fernandes has always insisted philosophy that is: "Winning is always a low cost." (Hutton, 2015). Financial Report as of March 31, 2009 has made it clear that the company competitive advantages show that the operating income increased 9.5% ($ 2.94

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