Swot Analysis For Mcdonalds

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Swot Analysis of McDonald’s Australia Holding Limited: Executive Summary: This report will be presenting to you the SWOT Analysis of McDonalds Australia Holding Limited. There will be use of company reports, McDonald’s own website, and articles from the internet. The whole purpose is to show where McDonald’s is doing well and where its doing bad. Towards the end, there will be some recommendations that can help McDonald’s turn their weaknesses to strengths and threats to opportunities. Introduction: The first ever McDonald’s store opened back in 1955. It took a negotiation between milkshake salesman Ray Kroc and McDonald brothers to create a restaurant that later on today is one of the world’s biggest industry (McDonald’s Australia 2014). (McDonald’s Australia 2014) mentions that :” Ray Kroc made them an offer,’’ Let me open a new McDonald’s store and I’ll give you half of one per cent of the gross sales for the use of the name and the idea. McDonald’s is famous for its Happy Meals for kids and McChicken and The Big Mac that young age group can enjoy eating . Also with the desserts provided, the famous McFlurry and Chocolate Sundae. By now you could be judging it as the world’s unhealthiest place as well, but its up to you to look after your diet. McDonald’s like any other restaurant provide nutritional advice and provide their customers with the ingredients. This report will show the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of McDonald’s . There will be SWOT Analysis provided below in a table. After, there will be discussion section explaining the strengths, weaknesses opportunities, threats with detail and more information explaining why theye were chosen. Lastly, recommendations will be made in terms of how M... ... middle of paper ... ... further on will improve the business’s reputation. References: IBISWorld 2014, McDonald’s Australia Holding Limited , company report, viewed 16th April 2014, retrieved from IBISWorld Database. Johnston, I 2013, '' Fast food is the 'unhealthy choice’, McDonald’s tells its own staff, The Independent ,25 December, viewed 16th April 2014, http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/news/fast-food-is-the-unhealthy-choice-mcdonalds-tells-its-own-staff-9025364.html. McDonald's Australia (2014), Macca’s Story, McDonald’s Australia, viewed 16th April 2014 , < https://mcdonalds.com.au/about-maccas/maccas-story > Whyte, S 2013,''The fat's in the firing line as McDonald's home delivers' ', Lifestyle , Viewed 16th April 2014, < http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/the-fats-in-the-firing-line-as-mcdonalds-home-delivers-20131207-2yy6s.html>.
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