Swordfish Case Study

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What the business does well
In terms of operational value, the business excels in its capacity to provide fresh and healthy seafood at an affordable price to consumers. Since the seafood is bought fresh everyday and other fresh ingredients are used, this creates a level of quality that other restaurants in the inner city simply cannot match. Customers would be able to recognize the difference in quality and the fact that it is affordable contributes towards the appeal of the restaurant.
Sales Volume
The Swordfish would average roughly 30 to 40 people within a given day (more on weekends) with an average of roughly $30 per customer. That is equivalent to $900 a day and within a month is equivalent to $27,000. Considering the fact that the restaurant’s location is relatively small, it does not pay as much when it comes to rent and with some of its tables located outside, its overhead costs on electricity are lower than most places. This results in a large percentage of the profits going directly to the owners of the
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The remaining 160 square feet will be devoted towards the serving and kitchen area of the store. The reason this particular layout was chosen was due to the need to have sufficient enough space for the food to be cooked.
In order to determine the average cost of remodeling a restaurant to suit the needs of the pizzeria, the website projectsatoz.com was consulted in order to get an overall evaluation of the costs. It was revealed that on average the remodeling expenses can cost $200,000. These costs include the interior modeling of the restaurant which is expected to cost $100,000, the exhaust fans which cost roughly $15,000, a walk-in refrigerator which costs $10,000 and connecting the gas line to the restaurant itself (for the oven) which can cost $10,000 on average.
Materials and
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