Swindoll Book Review: Chapters 1-5

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Chapter 1 Lincoln preserved against all odds. We too should preserve in our walk with Christ. “The blood of the first martyr splattered across Saul’s clothes while he stood nodding in agreement.” God can use anyone he chooses ever the greatest enemy of the 1st century church. Saul didn’t realize that God was leading the events of his life to dramatically impact his world and ours. God is at work in our lives and in the world even when we cannot see it. The leader of the Sanhedrin threw Peter and John in jail. God sent an angel to let them out. God works supernaturally in the life of his children. Peter and John were not discouraged but they preached more boldly then before. Persecution brings about boldness in a life of a believer. “Then the captain went along with the officers and proceeded to bring them back without violence (for they were afraid of the people, lest they be stoned).” (Acts 5:25-26) The lost are ruled by their fears. Saul was a Hebrew of Hebrews, all that he could be in the world’s eyes but that does not please God. Peter and John had an expected ally among the Council. Gamaliel, the same man who instructed Saul, instructed the Council to let them go. He said if it wasn’t from God it was go away but if it was from God he did not want to be responsible for acting against God. When we face circumstances that are hopeless God may provide an unexpected ally. After Peter and John were beaten they rejoiced. We should also when we face that type of persecution. Swindoll said that they are remarkable courageous because the wound had not dried before the when back to preaching about Christ. We can learn from Paul life that we all have a dark side. Regardless of what we have done no one is beyond hope.... ... middle of paper ... ...d is humbling us He is merciful. Because He sends people like Barnabas. The question is whom can I be a Barnabas for? In Paul’s life he uses the insignificant brethren. God uses the insignificant people in our lives as well. Just like Paul God calls us to wait. I have to say that this chapter encouraged me because I get anxious wondering when God is going to use me for some thing big. Here I sit and see friend moving on and getting pastorate and I think when is it going to be my turn. The thing I learned from this chapter is that those who wait on the Lord with never be put to shame. We must also learn to value other. Learning to ask for help and to not try to do it on our own. Second, we must humble ourselves. It is a better thing to humble ourselves then to go through the pain of God humbling us. Last we must always trust God. He is at work always.

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