Swimming Reflection Paper

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712 words

Have you ever decided to do something different that you would not normally do? Have you ever tried something new? I had never imagined myself competitively swimming. It was so different from anything I had ever done before, but trying it was the best decision I could ever make.
My friend Amber had been part of Mingo Central High School’s Swim Team since our first year. Actually, she was the only one on the Swim Team that year. Junior year I told her I would join. Amber and I were walking in the hallway when they called for anyone interested in swimming to go to the Commons Area. Now, had I been alone I would not have gone, but since I was with her she drug me, literally kicking and screaming. I was never really a very athletic person. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they had never imagined themselves competitively swimming, but it was the best decision they could ever make.
  • Narrates how amber had been part of mingo central high school's swim team since their first year. she was the only one on the team that year and told her she would join.
  • Explains that they were never a very athletic person. they had played volleyball and cheerleader for about three years in middle school, but that was it.
  • Explains that it was hard for them to keep up with the more experienced swimmers, but they never gave up. even by the end of their first season, they were nowhere near the best swimmer on the team.
  • Describes how they were discouraged during their first swim meet at marshall university's henderson center. they swam the 50m freestyle, 100m backstroke, and 50
  • Describes how they felt silly when they stepped up to the diving platform, but last is better than disqualification. they dove into the water and swam hard, which made them want to swim harder, faster.
  • Explains that they had many other moments like their first swim meet but none that felt as rewarding. their new reward was accomplishing a new goal.
  • Narrates how they struggled with breaststroke, but enjoyed it better. after hours of practice, they had the technique down. they started pushing themselves harder to improve their speed and form.
  • Narrates how they never felt like they belong because they were not the best swimmer, but their teammates were always supportive. amber would stay after practice just to help them get better.

Even by the end of my first season, I was nowhere near the best swimmer on the team, but I never stopped trying. Many times during my first season, I was discouraged. I can remember my first swim meet. It was at Marshall University’s Henderson Center. I was so nervous that I almost did not …show more content…

Therefore, I dove into the water and swam hard. While under water you cannot really hear very well, but when I swam that lap, the entire place was cheering me on to finish my race. That feeling made me want to swim harder, faster. It took me from wanting to quit swimming to wanting to get better at it.
I had many other moments like my first swim meet but none that felt as rewarding. My new reward was accomplishing a new goal. My first goal was to stop getting last place, stop being disqualified. It took many practices and a few swim meets to meet my goal. In order to stop being disqualified, I changed from Backstroke to Breaststroke.
I had a little more struggle with Breaststroke, but I enjoyed it better. At first, I was disqualified for incorrect form, then after hours and hours of practice, I had the technique down. I still was not very fast at swimming any of my events, so that was my next thing to work on: speed. I started pushing myself harder, learning different ways to improve my speed and my form. Once I put everything together, my time improved. I even got second and third in some

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