Swidden Farming and the Logging Industry in Indonesia

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With over 130 million hectares of forest area, Indonesia has the third largest forest in the world. These forests are home to many diverse wildlife and unique creatures not found naturally anywhere else in the world. Before the 1950’s, these forests were dense and in a natural balance. With the introduction of greed in the form of humans and reckless machinery over 60 or so years, Indonesia has won the dubious honour in becoming the “World leader of deforestation”. This has led to an unnatural balance and is causing humans to try to control the environment more than they should. They practice the act of Swidden farming just like the indigenous people of those regions have. It is the action of cutting down trees and burning any unnecessary and unprofitable materials. It is then abandon and then left fallow for a certain number of years. Usually, the more people, the shorter the fallow. The only difference is when industries perform this practice, they overdo it without considering the consequences. Swidden farming is a subsistence method of agriculture with no real purpose or positive benefits for high demanding consumers. Industry grade Swidden farming requires the action of clearing thousands of square kilometres of forest area to export and sell for money. The overuse of Swidden farming and logging has led to pollution, poor soil quality, and a slow depletion in natural resources. This method of farming is slowly tearing apart the natural environment and affecting those who are not involved.

Pollution is a global issue and is a theory many refuse to believe in. Many of these people are likely to be Indonesian when we look at their treatment to the environment. Swidden farming is a well known practice and is used by many loggin...

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... disrupt the well being of innocent bystanders. The overuse of chemicals and the act of burning will make the soil hard, leading to the growth of trees to slowly decrease and the labour to maintain and harvest will rise. Finally trees will run out for large scale industries. The Indonesian government is the main issue and must be dealt with first to be able to make any real changes. Once the corruption disappears, civilians will have better standards in living and, the logging industry will be more controlled. When Swidden farming stops and the Indonesian government eradicates corruption from their country, the forests can grow back into their original state. Rich in biodiversity and filled with lush greenery. It is much easier to run away from something than to run towards something. So, is it a good idea to have all the forest area in Indonesia cut down and burned?
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