Sweet Peppers: Nutritional Composition Of Sweet Peppers

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2.2.2 Nutritional Composition of Sweet Pepper
One hundred grams of the edible part of sweet pepper (approximately 87% of the total weight of the fruit) contain 92g water, 2.4g sugar, 1.8g dietary, 4.64g carbohydrate, 0.86g protein, 10mg magnesium, 12mg calcium, 0.9mg iron, 1.8mg carotene, 0.057mg thiamine, 31 calories 0.08riboflavin, 0.8mg niacin and 103mg vitamin C (Raemaekers, 2001).

2.3 Transplanting sweet pepper
Sweet pepper seeds might be sown straightforwardly in the field on raised beds, however most commercial farmers in Ghana want to transplant seedlings got from seedling cultivators. The rise of straightforwardly sown peppers is hindered by soil outsides brought on by raindrops, which results in poor plant stands (Bosland and Votava, 2000). Legitimately
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Numerous plagued fruit seem unaffected on the outside however have managed much harm inside. Social control works on: Locating pepper fields as far away as could be allowed from maize may bring down infestations. Wiping out weeds around field edges may make pepper fields less appealing to ovipositing females. Post-harvest control rehearses: Destruction of pepper deposit and furrowing in the fall can annihilate a vast rate of overwintering hatchlings (Hatutale et al.,2010).

Mites Mite feeding damage is expressed as downward curling of leaves, giving an inverted spoon shape and suppression of lamina development of young leaves, causing these to become narrow. Influenced leaves build up a bronze appearance, particularly on the lower side, and they get to be thickened and fragile. Substantial infestation executes off the apical meristems. fruit build up a russeted, corky surface and might be contorted.

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