Sweet Morning

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Ethan wouldn’t label himself as a morning person. It was more the exact opposite. If you were lucky, it’d take a stampede of elephants and hippos together trudging up and down a single road to merely cause him to stir. As soon as he has closed his eyes and he has begun to snore he shall stay that way until his automatic body clock and need to be punctual wakes him seconds before his alarm has a chance.
Once he is awake however, it’s like someone has injected caffeine straight through his veins and he’s more than willing to climb any mountain. His happy demeanour and tendency to bounce a lot has put him into people’s bad books. They’d stay as far away from him until at least 10am.

Opposite to most people, he’s happy in the mornings. But with the combination of late nights and not enough caffeine; his happiness disappears towards the middle of the day. It's his body that wakes him promptly at half seven every morning, not an alarm. And, no one, even at the weekends can cause an exception.

Even so, this morning was a little tiny bit different. Of course, he’s awake at half seven on the dot. Even though it’s a Saturday. However, this time his arms are pressed tightly around something and
He’s surrounded by a smell he's become so familiar to in the previous months.

He has woken up to that smell before, but if he had woken up with his arms in the same position, he would have a predicament on his hands. The scent then was from the bedding, or floor surrounding him and that wasn't quite the same. Of course those times were accidental, nodding off during a tedious movie with a small group of friends, and passing out on his apartment floor after one too many drinks.

This was twenty times better than any of those situations. This was th...

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... already fulfilled it, and was enjoying every few seconds of it. Even if the rest of the creatures knew little to nothing of his sexuality or relationship with Ethan, he could still take comfort in the fact Ethan loved him. That’s all that mattered to him.

"Maybe two hours... Sorry I didn’t wake you; I’m not good at the whole romantic morning thing. And you aren’t the most pleasant company in the mornings. You’re much better calmly sleeping in my arms. You’re like an angel."

"You realise that was romantic?” Sam smiled against Ethan's shoulder, realising he could get used to this. He enjoyed Ethan's morning hair and waking up to those warm eyes too much to not want it there every morning.

And it would be every morning.

“I do.” He murmurs before kissing his lips ever so lightly and holding him gently against him. “I think we could stay in bed another hour or two.”
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