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Sweatshops have different brand of shoe that are made all over the world. They use children that are 13 years old to make the product. The children have to work in a low and poor conditions that don't have heat are cooling system. The children have to work below the minimum wage. They also have to make sure that they have made so many shoes, clothes, and gym bag within a day. But, most of there sweatshops are located in Asia, and China. I did my research by read some old magazine that was located in the Noxubee county library. I didn’t use any search engine. The librarian didn’t help me with the research. I didn’t the call an expert on the topic because the work seems to be easy without there help. Sweatshops are evil and mean and they need to improve on the way they treat their workers. When it comes down to children you would think that they are here just for to get up in the morning, go to school, and play. In different countries like Asia, China, and even Africa they lock there children up and put them to work. The children have to work 12 hours shift and 7 days a week. When you add it up the children would have work 60 hours a week. The children pay would be consider different in each country. But at the most they are making 5.55. The children are considered to work overtime and they don’t get pay for it like we do when we are at our own job. If the child says that they are sick and can’t come to work for so many days they would get suspended, and without pay. The people in the plant say that they need a union. But the owner of the sweatshop says that he doesn’t need a union to help him run his company. For example this guy name Page 2 Benjamin Powell’s said, “Abigail Martinez earned only .55 cents per hour stitching cloth... ... middle of paper ... ...d of money. I told them that they can read books about it also go online and look at some website. This author explain a lot about sweatshops and I quote that Liza Featherstone said that this fourteen year old from Bangledesh to the Mexican marquila working fourteen hour days in factories that reek of toxic fumes; young women supporting families on some twenty cents an hour; factory managers who forbid sick workers time off to go to the doctor, bosses in EL Monte, California and elsewhere who have quite literally turned factories into prisons, forcibly surrounded by barbed wire. In conclusion sweatshops have to many problem and cheap pay for the workers that are doing a good job in getting all of the clothes, shoes and all of the other accessories that they make. Sweatshop just need to be close down and reopen when they are own by better bosses and company.

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