Sweat Shops

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Are you employed? Does your boss treat you fairly? Surprisingly, there are many people who work for popular brands and are mistreated and underpaid. These people work out of the country that is constantly mistreated, face difficult problems every day, do not even have rights. It is obvious to see that this is a form of abuse. How can America participate in this act? Transition: It is appalling how people like us who are no less than us are mistreated and are working for not even a dollar an hour. Body 1. The children and people who work at workshops are constantly mistreated. (a) Many children are abused when they work at sweat shops. They are forced to work in uncomfortable positions or for a long time. It comes to be abuse when the children are not physically able to perform the job correctly because they are too young, and it may damage their bodies. They cannot stop working because they might be threatened for their lives. Some are commanded to work overtime and if they refuse they can lose a day’s worth of pay. Also, they can be literally forced to stay at the sweatshop with armed guards. (Anonymous) They are also verbally abused. Many managers yell and shout to those who think they are not working fast enough. (Anonymous) (b) There are also many children involved in these sweat shops. It is sad to see that these children lose their childhood. As a child, working in sweatshops can be traumatizing and can affect them to think that every working environment would be the same. Many sweatshops focus on hiring children because they typically have small size hands and fingers and it will be easier to maneuver big machines. The consequences of this, is that many children can lose their fingers and become seriously injured. Many ... ... middle of paper ... way and get away with it? We all are human and have rights. We should be treated equally without punishment, only if needed. Even if punishment needs to take place, it should not be physical punishment. What kind of lifestyle is there when you only work 14 hours every day with no breaks? Conclusion: There are many anti-sweatshop groups that protest. However, nothing has been accomplished because there are still many workers out there being mistreated. We are not asking to completely tear down sweatshops. Although we are fighting for the respect we deserve. We are also asking for a reasonable 8 hours of work and breaks in between. Workers shouldn’t have to be abused to work. Also, children should not be neglected an education. All in all, every worker should be given rights that are not violated and that can live a life that is not filled with abuse and penalty.
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