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In the film Swansea Love Story, the difficult lives of heroin addicts in Swansea, Wales is illustrated quite vividly. The film mainly focuses on the story of a homeless couple, Amy Protheroe and Cornelius Collins, but does occasionally piece in other people. The film focuses on the rise of heroin and how it’s becoming increasingly popular in Swansea. The drug seems to have taken over the town, and turned doing heroin into a sort of sub-culture there. The film shows the hardships Amy and Cornelius face as homeless addicts, and sheds some light into their family life to explain why they are the way they are. Swansea Love Story also incorporates other people into the film and shows the struggles that come with being a heroin addict. I think…show more content…
It’s very hard to be a heroin addict and have a normal, properly functioning life. Most of the times addicts cannot hold stable jobs, so there is not a stable income coming in, which in turn results in these individuals becoming homeless, or turning to criminal activity to support their drug use. It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you struggle with an addiction. I’ve seen first hand with family members how quickly your life spirals out of control, and how hard it can be to get back on your feet once you’re addicted. If people using heroin are taking it intravenously, there are a number of risks that come with that as well. Unclean needles can cause people to contract HIV or Hepatitis, and other infectious diseases if they use dirty puddles of water to cook their drugs. The veins of heroin addicts can also become damaged. On top of all that, if these addicts aren’t using clean needles, abscesses can form wherever they’re injecting drugs into the body, which can be very dangerous. For all of the reasons above, the cons of taking heroin certainly outweigh the…show more content…
Back then, people were convinced that heroin was not as addictive as morphine and was safer for people to consume. Obviously that’s not the case. The scary thing is heroin isn’t that different from morphine, yet doctors are okay with giving patients morphine. I think with a drug that is so addictive, doctors need to be more vigilant on who they use morphine on, even when it comes to medical procedures. Back in the early 1900’s, when people weren’t truly aware of the effects of heroin, it might have been okay for them to use it to help people suffering from severe pain. In this day and time, heroin is widely abused and not used for its’ original intentions. Heroin has become a recreational drug of choice for people, not something they use to treat

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