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Title: ‘Prospects of Sustainable Tourism in Oman” Abstract Background: Dwindling oil prices and depleting oil resources have forced the Sultanate of Oman to look into and promote alternate sources of revenue for the past few years. With great potential of natural resources, culture, heritage and hospitality, the country has decided to develop its promising tourism sector. Unlike its neighbours in the Middle East/Arabian peninsula, the Sultanate, endowed with great potential for tourism development, has to give thrust to sustainable tourism development to succeed and enjoy the fruits, if the country has to achieve the results for a longer period for the growth and development of the nation. This is a challenging task for the nation whose tourism…show more content…
INTRODUCTION The Sultanate of Oman, the second largest country among the GCC nations, is a region blessed with natural beauty, diverse environment, rich culture and a warm society well known for its hospitality. Strategically located with a long coast, the country has strong political and economic stability unlike many countries in the region. In short, the country offers or has all ingredients for the prospective development of tourism, though the Sultanate’s economy is firmly built on its oil reserves. With the current fluctuations in oil price and depleting oil reserves which can affect the economic growth of the country, the Oman government has identified tourism sector as a prospective economic contributor. The sector is not developed to its fullest potential yet and the country has to go a long way in terms of establishing a successful industry which could become a major contributor to the economy. In this scenario, I propose to do my research on, “Prospects of sustainable tourism in Oman.” The study will evaluate the prospect of sustainable tourism in Oman, how can sustainable tourism be successfully implemented in Oman. The current status, growth of tourism in Oman, the contributing factors for growth, issues faced at various levels, will be studied and analyzed to propose the…show more content…
This dissertation will research on the prospects and possibilities, means and deterrents in the implementation of sustainable tourism in the country. Prospects of sustainable tourism in Oman: The following issues will be further explored to understand the prospects of implementing sustainable tourism in the country. Different questionnaires will be sent to different categories of respondents: • What is the growth and development of tourism as an industry in the Sultanate of Oman in the past decade? • How much will the tourism sector contribute to the national economy in the near future? • How much are the government’s policy and vision in line with sustainable tourism? • What is the role of leadership in developing sustainable tourism and implementing it

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