Sustainable Tourism Charter: Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter

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Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter Rotorua Sustainable Tourism (logo can be seen in Figure 5) acts as a guideline for the practice of sustainability among local business. In accordance with this charter is a New Zealand’s official quality assurance to program called Quallmark. (Sustainability, 2015) Quallmark’s qualification is only awarded businesses that follow the five following criteria in developing their strategies:  Energy Efficiency  Waste Management  Water Conservation  Environmental Conservation  Community Support Figure 5: Rotorua Sustainable Charter logo (ROTORUA SUSTAINABLE CHARTER INC., n.d.) As tourists are increasingly aware of environmental sustainability, being a member in the Charter can enhance the…show more content…
According to this graph, there is a general positive attitude to these aspects from both groups. In the overall rating, the majority of these two groups gives rank 5 (very good quality) (41% for local, and 57% for tourist) while only 3% of local and 0% of tourist put rank 1 (very bad quality). More specifically, greenery received the most positive response while 62% of local and 64% tourist gives it rank 5. Water quality, on the other hand, receives lowest quality response as there is only 15% of local and 37% tourist mark it as top…show more content…
First, the locals tend to give harsher response to the environment’s quality as there are a few people pick rank 1 while no visitor gives rank 1 to any aspects of the environment. Secondly, the ‘’very good’’ rating trend (shown in red) is more even in the tourists group than the locals. The explanation for these anomalies is that tourists usually have shorter exposure with Rotorua’s environment than the local so that they cannot as carefully explore these aspects as Rotorua citizen. Also, most of the asked tourists were international (Germany, China, Australia, etc. ) where the environment is more polluted than that of New Zealand (Erbar, 2014). Therefore, tourists tend to give generally positive response with even trend among all the environment factors. However, as most of local and tourists gave rank 4 or 5, we can conclude that most people satisfy with the every local environment’s aspect. To corroborate government’s involvement is ensuring environmental sustainability, we include a question on the local’s survey asking their opinions regards with the matters. The answer is shown in graph 2

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