Sustainable Goals: The Expiration Of The Millennium Development Goals

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The expiration of The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) has made the post 2015 landscape an intergovernmental priority. The revised Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) propose seventeen global initiatives that focus on the eradication of extreme poverty whilst also considering economic development and environmental protection (Veit & Hazlewood, 2014). Whilst Matuschke (2015) agrees that this is a “pivotal year for sustainable development”, she also questions the validity of these global directives, as there remains a disjuncture between their “conflicting aims.” This essay will consider the extent to which the SDGs address three global imperatives for development; global economic power, climate change and inequality. “Inter-linked and…show more content…
They represent a shift towards a ‘post 2015 agenda’ (Sachs, 2014, p. 2206), a “universal agenda for all countries” which better relates development practise to “domestic, social, and economic structures and international power relations”, (Polanyi Levitt 2003, p. 558). The SDGs build on the MDGs, not by taking on their mandate but reinventing the development discourse to address three global change processes; shifts in global economic power, climate change and inequality within countries. The “triple bottom line”, as described by Sachs (2012), acknowledges classic development practice of the economy and inequality, but also highlights the role of the environment as an integral part of the goals…show more content…
2028). This is a recognition of a distinct shift in the geography of those living in poverty, highlighted by the growing urban poor living in middle income nations. Furthermore, this redistributes development assistance programming to include Brasil, Russia, india and Russia (BRICS) and disrupts the traditional hegemonic donor norms dominated by wealthier nations, as discussed by Rowlands, (2012) . In this way, the SDGs addresses the global change process of global power relations which differentiates these goals from their

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