Sustainable Energy Systems And Their Benefits

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In recent years the research of scientists has come to public attention and it is a widely accepted fact that the Earth is warming up. What has caused this change in the Earth is still up for debate and a controversial issue. One side is that humans are causing the warming by burning fossil fuels. Staying on that topic, fossil fuels are limited in quantity, and some scientists speculate that we may run out sooner than we are ready for. This is where sustainable energy systems come into play. When using sustainable energy systems such as hydro electric, wind, or cruder methods such as waste incineration, burning of fossil fuels will decrease. With this decrease, or at least slowdown, of fossil fuels we will be able to reduce or maintain green house gas emissions as not to influence the warming of the globe more than we already do. And obviously we will be able to conserve our fossil fuels so that we do not run out while we are still dependent on them. One of the big factors discussed when talking about green house gas emissions is the automobile, however a less looked at factor is electricity generation. Car manufacturers are stuck in their ways, and slow to change how they do business. On the other hand, electrical companies seem to be much more flexible when it comes to making changes and expanding to use resources other than fossil fuels. In many cases, power companies are able to easily integrate renewable or sustainable sources into their power grids, power sources that do not take more from the earth than they give. If power companies were able to use more sustainable sources, it would benefit themselves, the consumers, and the environment. The price of sustainable power does not fluctuate like the price of coal or natural ... ... middle of paper ... ...ergy, and a cleaner planet. Works Cited Erdogdu, Erkan. " Turkish support to Kyoto Protocol: A reality or just an illusion." Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 14.3 (2010): 1111-1117. Print. Gebremedhin, Alemayehu. "Sustainable energy system – A case study from Chile." Renewable Energy: An International Journal. 34.5 (2009): 1241-1244. Print. Uddin, Sk Noim. "Towards a sustainable energy future—exploring current barriers and potential solutions in Thailand ." Environment, Development and Sustainability. 12.1 (2008): 63-87. Print. "Turkey. Report of the in-depth review of the first national communication of Turkey." United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change . UNFCCC, 03 Dec 2009. Web. 5 Mar 2010. /advanced_search/items/3594.php?rec=j&priref=600005648>.

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