Sustainable Development: What Is The Idea Of Sustainable Development

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1660 words

What is the Idea of sustainable development? Why is it so important? These are questions that are becoming more common every day because we have come to the realization that we are not achieving this idea. So, sustainable development is the process of reinforcing one’s economy without depleting its resources. This is so important now because we are coming closer and closer to the end of the world we know. Humanity is good at the development part, that’s has been our roles since the beginning of our existence, to use the resources we have today to build a new tomorrow. Our economies are built of exploiting our resources, better known as exports, things like oil, metals are Canada’s top exports, oil, and organic chemicals are Saudi Arabi’s top …show more content…

An economically developed country should have a reliable source of energy such as hydroelectrically and fossil fuels. Although hydroelectricity is considered a renewable resource it does have some negative consequences on the quality of the water. To harness hydroelectricity dams must be built and this causes a change in the flow of the water and a differentiation in water levels and disruption of wildlife. These issues are outlined by stating “Rivers must be dammed, which can affect the function of the river both upstream and downstream” and “This can be problematic for any plants and animals that may find themselves with too much or too little water, and migrating fish cannot get through the dams”. This disrupts the balance of the ecosystem of the water causing the quality of the water to dissipate making it not safe to drink or use for other proposes. Another way harnessing energy is disrupting the balance of our water resources is mining fossil fuels. When we mine, for coal body’s of water can get access to the mines which results in the contamination of the water with heavy metal this is shown on the webs site stating “Surface mining can also directly impact the health and safety of surrounding communities. Mudslides, landslides, and flashfloods may become more common. And depending on the …show more content…

Key factors in economic development are manufacturing, farming, and harnessing energy. Although these factors have consequences to their exploitation such as water used to produce steel is water that 663 million people who don’t have access to could use to drink. Realizing toxic waste, a by-product of manufacturing something into the Oceans can disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. Side effects like fertilizer flowing into rivers and lakes throwing the ecosystem of balance and causing eutrophication to occur, making the water dangerous to drink. Another factor in the depletion and deterioration of our water resources is from harnessing energy, hydroelectricity uses a dam to harness the water flow to produce energy which disrupts the balance of the river and lakes. It shifts the amount of water so some spices in the ecosystem get too much water and some get to less, it also limits the migration of fish, this offset can be dangerous to the quality of the water. Mining for coal is another way harnessing energy has a negative effect on our water supplies. When mining for coal if an aquifer or lake gets access to the mine the water will be contaminated with dangerous metals resulting in the deterioration of the quality of the water making it unusable. All of these factors are key components in economically developing countries, energy

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sustainable development is the process of reinforcing one’s economy without depleting its resources.
  • Argues that the world's population could have access to clean drinking water for 37 years if china stopped producing steel for one year.
  • Explains that oceans are important because they play a verity of roles to other kinds of life. industrial waste from manufacturing products is harmful to ocean water.
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