Sustainable Development: The Pros And Cons Of Sustainability

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This essay will be looking at sustainable development and the triple bottom line it will take a look at the pros and con played by sustainability in our environment and possible ways of bettering our interaction with environment. Sustainability may be realised as the ability of a system to maintain productivity at a level equal to or greater than its historical average (Lynam and Herdt, 1989 cited). In addition to that Bell and Morse (1999) also define that sustainability of natural ecosystems can be defined as the dynamic stability in both natural inputs and outputs, changed by outside events that could be climate change and natural disasters. In a clear way sustainability is simply the preservation of natural resources for future generation to be able to use as well. These definitions of sustainability pave a way for the definition of sustainable development which has been cited by many authors. The first being that sustainable development is nothing but merely the maintenance of development over time (Elliot 2006) . Secondly according to Harris (2006) sustainable development is being able to cater for the needs of the present generation fully without compromising those of coming generation. All these are a reflection of what sustainability and sustainable development are. The essay will also look at the triple bottom line and a few examples. A simple definition of the triple bottoms line is that it is as a tool that serves as reports that can show the purpose and the condition of a company. The fundamental idea of it is that a company should not only use the old-fashioned financial bottom line, but also incorporate social and environmental bottom lines into present management (MacDonald and Norman 2004)
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...s the ecological development, this has been seen to have more to do with sustainable development in the past (Hall 2001). Since the integration of the three ecological development looks at resource conservation, and the better care of the environment through reducing how much of the environment we use and waste (Hall 2011). These three then form the triple bottom line.
Since the introduction of the triple bottom line, many South African countries and countries abroad have adopted it. Examples of the imlpemantation of the triple bottom line under ecological development, are initiatives such as greenimg of the nation which insist im making sure our country is full of trees (REF). Another example considered and passed in the 1990s, was the Clean Air Act, has emphasized the role of operations and materials management in environmental initiatives (Handfield et al. 1996).

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