Sustainable Design: The Environmental Impact On Environment, Society, And Environment

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1.0 Introduction
In today’s building construction and operations, there are direct and indirect impacts on environment, society and economy and sustainable design seeks balanced between these three by approaching a win-win-win design solution. Sustainable design aims to minimize the negative environmental impact on site by increasing energy efficiency and development of spaces; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure and create superior interior environments that are comfortable, safe and productive. Instead of ignoring the natural environment, the qualities are harnessed to benefit and complete today’s design solution having in mind to have a positive and lasting effect. ("Sustainable," ) My research title
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Local wildlife and vegetation should be recognized as part of the building site when treated as resources to be conserved rather than as obstacle to be overcome, native plants and animals will make the finished building a more enjoyable space for human habitation. (Kim & Rigdon, 1998) “Site conservation” seems like an odd term to mention when constructing a building but it could be done firstly by finding the least damaging ways to erect the structure, minimizing excavation and eliminating tree removal or secondly, designs that impact the site very little once it is constructed. Using land that has already been developed is always preferable but we do not always have the privilege to come across such land. (Yenna & Alicia ) Hence building placement is important as to not damage the site, as one of the important factors in sustainable design which would also impact the user as well. It is important to understand the location, orientation and landscaping of a building as it would affect the local ecosystem. The placements usually take into account the sun orientation for natural daylighting, shading from neighbouring structure to reduce cost on external shadings as well as mechanical ventilation and wind direction too for good ventilation to cool the interior and provide a superior acoustic environment. This few factors would help to create the comfortable interior environment for users through building

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