Sustainable Cities Essay

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Arguments and Ideas:
Huseynov, Emir Fikret oglu. 2011. “Planning of Sustainable Cities in View of Green
Architecture.” Procedia Engineering 21: 534-542. doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2011.11.2048.
Main Argument:
The main argument of this text is that understanding the historical context, how the city runs, and how the city has evolved, is important when designing sustainable and “environmentally friendly” buildings. The following 3 related ideas support this argument:
• Historical context allows the architect to understand how the city began, and how time has changed the city, therefore allowing them to understand the nature of the city.
• Green areas can be created so it works in harmony with the growing populations and how they live their lives. To efficiently do so, the architect needs to study and understand how the city works on a whole.
• Once a green area is designed and established, it starts to initiate change in the way the city runs, and usually positively impacts the environments health.

Keitsch, Martina. 2012. “Sustainable Architecture, Design and Housing.” Sustainable
Development 20(3): 141-145. doi: 10.1002/sd.1530.
Main Argument:
The main argument of this text is that when designing and planning new sustainable architectural designs, key components must be understood and carefully thought about to ensure harmful impacts to the environment are minimised. The following 3 related ideas support this argument:
• The idea of just creating a space where it is “green” and is environmentally friendly is not the only thing needed to create sustainable living. Architects need to understand and consider the methods and how the building process is conducted when developing “environmentally friendly” spaces, to help further r...

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...lowing 3 related ideas support this argument:
• Resources are rapidly decreasing in many cities. One “environmentally friendly” building cannot replenish or impact greatly this major issue. However, using the idea of an “eco-city”, all components of that city will work together to help aid in reducing the amount of resources lost, thus causing a greater impact than that of the one building.
• By creating a city that integrates all components of sustainable living and building, there is a greater chance on improvement to the environments health by allowing the city to work as a team, opposed to 1 person trying to do all the work.
• With the current issues within the environment, if nothing is done, the environment won’t get better on its own. Architects need to consider bigger ideas that use their sustainable designs to help improve the health of the environment.
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