Sustainable Architecture

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Well-recognized cities worldwide have built over the years great buildings with a variety of designs and concepts however consequently too much building has been making grievous decrease on energy efficiency. Now, “Green Architecture” has been popularized and as a result a modicum of energy efficiency has increased and also it has substantiated a new perspective, a new versatile way on architecture.
Now days, the world is intended to be in a worst scenario ever imagined. Climates, global warming and furthermore problems. However, I have noticed new changes, universally speaking, yet renewable energy has also been popularized to our world and I addition, it became part of Sustainable Architecture. “Sustainable Architecture describes the fact that we can only exist and create with the availability of natural resources. Those resources are the foundation of our world. Sustainable architecture proclaims this fact to the world… And that is probably the most appropriate understanding of the term.”(Brooks, 92) That’s why these resources exist within our environment but only few of the people anticipated a good use for them just t increase likelihood the worlds energy efficiency and also the natural environment. Speculating Asia’s growth both in wealth and population, it has been a great risk for them consequently they had been temporizing endeavoring new ways of preventing massive energy consumptions and wastes from resources. “How can we protect our natural resource base while sustaining our socio economic gains? My answer in two words: systems and self.”(Ms. Galang, 1)
This Sustainable Architecture began long ago with scientists brainstorming and designing a new design for an eco-home that’s liable on decreasing massive numbers of en...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains how "green architecture" has substantiated a new perspective on architecture.
  • Explains that renewable energy has been popularized to the world and sustainable architecture proclaims that we can only exist and create with the availability of natural resources.
  • Explains that sustainable architecture began with scientists brainstorming and designing a new design for an eco-home that's liable on decreasing massive numbers of energy consumption.
  • Explains that sustainable architecture has efficient technologies that incorporate ways of not wasting the wind, water, and the sun’s rays.
  • Explains that sustainable architecture refers to basic urban houses that have been making approaches to avoid global warming and other problems.
  • Explains that building sustainable architecture can change people's lives and fill their hearts and souls with joy, pride, and self-confidence.
  • Describes the works of paul brooks, alphonse dell'isola, and stephen kirk. life cycle costings for design professionals.
  • Explains hymers, paul, and loh, susan. green roofs: understanding their benefits for australia. brisbane, australian institute of architects.
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