Sustainability and living conditions at the Hacienda Vieja in Guerrero, Mexico

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Mexico has big cities, small cities, congested cities, rural towns, poor towns, rich towns, etc. All in all, Mexico is a country full of life and people entering and leaving the country at all times. I would like to acknowledge the Hacienda Vieja in Guerrero, Mexico, the rural area where both of my parents are from. There are many interesting topics regarding my parents town, I will focus on their sustainability and living conditions.

My mom and dad are from a small town in Guerrero, Mexico called Hacienda Vieja. My mom’s family lives on the peak of a large rocky hill while my dad and his family live on a ranch by the Great Rio Balsas surrounded by a lot of farmland. The aforementioned town has nearby farmlands so that the townspeople could plant their necessary vegetation and so that they do not have to travel long distances to purchase vegetation.

The Towns:

In the town where my mom and dad are from the streets there are not paved yet so you have to drive on dirt roads to get to where you want to go. Houses there have no basic infrastructure because they have to make them out of materials they can afford. Some houses are made out of clay, renewable resources, recovered materials, some houses have laminated roofs, and some houses are easy to gain access to (O. Guerra Santin 2008 p.18). Luckily the houses are very durable and can withstand stormy seasons and climate change.


The green landscape surrounding the town has kept the towns fresh even though the place is very dry and humid. It’s sustainable because the green landscape keeps flourishing so that the townspeople’s livestock can be able to feed on it and so that the livestock can produce food and nutrition for them to consume. When there are rainy seasons...

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... their own agriculture. Maintaining their environment, surroundings, and their air clean will make the townspeople much healthier and will make them live much longer healthier lives.


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